The World’s Fastest Auto Shop Websites Just Got Faster


The team at Sparkplug is always hard at work, quietly making improvements behind the scenes, so that you always have the most effective auto shop website available. We keep up on industry trends, search engine optimization, conversion tactics, and so much more. We worry about your website so you don’t have to.

Starting today, every Sparkplug client has a faster website than they did last week, making their websites at least 2x faster than their average competitor. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what Google says about our websites.

Google’s page speed tool is just one way we examine what’s going on with your website and find areas of improvement. While conditions change with internet usage, and certain customizations can slow down website load time, we are proud to report that the average Sparkplug website score is 95+/100 on desktops and 90+/100 for mobile.

Take a few minutes to see how you compare to our auto shop websites and your local competitors.

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Drivers Agree, Quality Service More Important than Price


81% of drivers agree that quality service is more important than price, according to a study conducted by Google.

While customers tend to focus on price during their initial visit, data shows that their real concern is value. Rather than discounting your service, focus on doing the job well. Not only will it keep the job profitable, it will build trust for future repairs and increase your customer loyalty.

Personal Note: We have very close relationships with our clients and can tell you that our most successful clients do put service first. The study below is worth a read if you own or manage an auto repair website.

For the full report, check out Google’s The Road to Winning Drivers.

Your Ugly Auto Shop is Costing You Customers


Whether it’s fair or not, people do judge a book by its cover …and your potential customers are making decisions about your shop based on its curb appeal.

Why is this?

Because we instinctively know the best a business will take care of us is directly related to how well a business takes care of itself.

Would you assume that a dirty restaurant has an immaculate kitchen? Of course not. If anything, it’s a smarter to assume that the areas of the restaurant we can see are better than the parts that are hidden.

For a moment, imagine a boy who might want to date your daughter. He shows up in a car that clearly hasn’t been washed since the day he bought it, there’s break dust on the rear wheels and trash scattered all throughout the vehicle, his clothes could stand up by themselves, and his hair looks like he washed it in a fryer.

Are you excited that this could be the guy your daughter ends up marrying? Of course not.

Every day, people driving by your shop are making the same judgement based on the first impression of your auto shop.

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A Letter From the Owner


I spent my childhood tripping over car parts in my dad’s auto shop (and thinking mineral spirits was some kind of soap). While my dad didn’t teach me much about fixing cars, my upbringing taught me a lot about the auto repair industry.

Looking back, I can see how my dad struggled with the same challenges I struggle with as a business owner. We both needed to ensure we can pay our people, our rent, and have a steady stream of customers or clients coming in the door. That alone is enough pressure, but trying to do that while actually running your business is a lot of work. So how do you do both?

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