How We Compare

Sparkplug vs Hiring a Web Designer

Service & Support Auto Shop Website Design by Sparkplug Them
Risk 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.
No Contracts.
No Surprises.
Most web designers won’t begin work until a contract is signed and a non-refundable deposit is paid.
Tech Trend Updates $0
(included in your subscription)
Your website grows with the web.
Requires custom programming.
SEO Updates $0
(included in your subscription)
We regularly rollout SEO updates to keep your site where it should be.
Requires custom search optimization (labor).
Mobile Device Updates $0
(included in your subscription)
We make sure your website always looks great on any mobile device.
Mobile optimization requires more work (more money).
Updating Your Website $0
We are happy to update your content, photos and more for you*** or log into our easy to use interface and make them yourself.
$50/hr (approx)
Average Hourly Rate for Web Designers*
Time to Launch Days
Most go live within 24 hours.
30-60 Days
Typical duration of a web design project.
Pricing Auto Shop Website Design by Sparkplug Them
Set-Up Fees $0
Our websites are 100% subscription based.
Average Cost for Web Design
Monthly Fees $49
Subscription Fee
Hosting & Management
* 2012 Poll of professional web designers:
** Cost to stay as current as Sparkplug.
*** Just send us an email or call, and we’re happy to help. Custom design work may be subject to an hourly rate.

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